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HFTP membership gives you access to a global network of professionals who have chosen a career in the hospitality finance and technology industry. Members can access information on the latest trends, emerging business practices, and tools like the Global Hospitality Accounting Common Practices (GHACP) and Uniform System of Accounts for Clubs.

HFTP offers membership categories to professionals that serve as hospitality personnel, to consultants, and from suppliers to students.

To help support you locally, the Greater Philadelphia chapter provides you access to a professional network of regional members through chapter meetings and continuing education opportunities. You can connect locally, or across the globe.

In addition to educational events, our chapter sponsors social and holiday events to provide our members additional opportunities for networking, camaraderie and friendship.

To learn more and to join our chapter, please click here.

There is no longer an automated online tracking system for the member’s HFTP account as of last January, 2020, due to the new AMS migration. The spreadsheet was created to help HFTP members track their continuing education going forward. This spreadsheet is to be used until further notice.

To record the continuing education sessions that the chapter provides please follow the format below:
  • Session Title: HFTP NJ Chapter Continuing Education Live (add – Virtual if it was a Zoom meeting) – Title of Session
  • Category: Please indicate whether it’s F, T, E, or G
  • Session Date: This will be the date of the live session or live virtual session.
  • Session start/end time: I am lenient on this being completed. If it is completed, please make sure the CPE amount matches the allotted time:
    • Example:  Session start time: 9:00am | Session end time:  10:00am | CPE Amount: 1.2 CPE


Professional Certifications:

CHAE - Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive
Certified Hospitality
Accountant Executive
CHTP - Certified Hospitality Technology Professional
Certified Hospitality
Technology Professional

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